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In This Light

In This Light is a growing collection of pictures from the archive of the project Our Community Record Two Eagle River School. Each year new photographs are added by the young photographers from this school and community who in the work share their vision and world.

In This Light photographers are Jeremy Amaya Jr., Charla Brown, Selah Charpentier, Charlene Conko, Jessica Copper, Michelle Duran, Justin Finley, Joey Hammer, Breana Harlow, Stephen Hernandez, Anastasia Incashola, Angeline Joscum, Dezra Kenmille, Randy Kline, James Knapp, Ryan Lefthand, Francis Lozeau, Kris Mahkuk, Troy McDonald, Tiana Ness, Tony Rider, Amanda Roundtree,

Suset Rossbach, Josiah Senecal, Bonnie Slauskin.

In this light opening picture (1).jpg
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