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NYU Tisch School Portrait Class

As a part of our trip to New York City, we visited the Department of Photography and Imaging at New York University's Tisch School of Art. Department Chair Deborah Willis and Professor Lorie Novak who gave us an overview and tour of the department, and Assistant Professor Editha Mesina welcomed us into her studio portrait class. Our students and her class photographed one another, using an early Dutch lighting exercise (examples below). The diverse young people from around the world quickly made connections as they worked and spent time together. Several students from the NYU class came to the opening of our students' exhibition at the Lower Eastside Girls Club at the conclusion of our visit to NYC.

NYU student photographers are Samuel Bearzi, Michael Beckert, Alex Fitzbein, Natalie Fong,

Riana Gideon, Alexandra Huddleston, Xiaoye Jiang, Michelle Lee, Oscar Lewin, Karis Lucas,

Rosalind O'Connor, Isabella Mejia, Andrew Nelson, Lexi Wimberly, and Lea Winkler.

Flathead Nation photographers, Lee Atwin, Shawncee Brave Rock, Nikki Burke, Tristin George,

Nina Leone Hernandez, Taelyn Lafley, Caato Matt, Whisper Michel, Jenna Mullaney,

Esperanza Orozco-Charlo, Alexia Parizeau, Mars Sandoval, Leslie Stewart, Xavier Smith,

Michelle Tomma and Bailey Wippert.

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