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Our Community Record

Our Community Record Two Eagle River School, which is central to our work at A VOICE, is a collaborative project between photographer David J. Spear and Two Eagle River School in Pablo, a Tribal middle and high school serving Native American students living on the Flathead Nation in Northwestern Montana. Through storytelling and photographic studies, Our Community Record, teaches these students to explore and document their community, culture and history. Thanks to the success of the program, photography has become a popular element of the school's curriculum and has been used to supplement science, history, government, writing and art classes.

Our Community Record has run each academic school year since January 2002 and continues to evolve within the structure and foundation established in earlier years of the project. An exhibition of student work is displayed at the school at the end of each of term.


Students learn about visual communication and photographic technique through classroom instruction, camera work, and field trips. Image lectures on photography include special emphasis on social chroniclers of culture. Students are encouraged to reflect upon family and community and become their own chroniclers, incorporating their unique views into their creations. Each year students visit area galleries and museums, and meet with local photographers who show and discuss their work.

Our Community Record maintains an archive of the original work produced each year by Tribal youth, which serves as an enduring chronicle and documentary resource for the community.

Our Community Record photographers are Tasheena Bigcrane, George Couture, Nicole Couture,
TJ Cutfinger, Clayton Duran, Jon Green, Robert Howard, Ryan Lefthand, Ivan Mahkuk,
Coronna Morigeau, Charlisa Shull, Wambli Spotted Elk and Ciara Tanner.

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