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NYC Trip

Fourteen student photographers from Two Eagle River School traveled from Pablo, Montana, Flathead Nation to New York City in late March 2016 for a week-long immersion in every facet of the City related to photography. They met photographers and community members, visited museums, publishers and learning institutions; they showed their work and made photographs.

An important partnership was established and continues today with the Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York, which organized, installed and hosted an exhibition of the students' work.

When they returned students edited their New York photographs a show of this work was mounted at the People's Center and the Missoula Art Museum.

Additionally, Director Robert McDonald created a short documentary film, REz MaDe, about the trip.

New York Trip student photographers are Lee Atwin, Shawncee Brave RockNikki Burke, Tristin George, Nina Leone Hernandez, Taelyn LafleyWhisper Michel, Jenna Mullaney, Esperanza Orozco-Charlo. Alexia ParizeauMars Sandoval, Xavier Smith, Michelle Tomma, Bailey Wippert.Adult photographers Rebekah Knudsen-Dalbey, Sean Dalbey, Caato Matt,  David J. Spear and Leslie Stewart.

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