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Maggi Welliver Large.jpg

Maggi Welliver

Vice President

Maggi Welliver serves as A VOICE Vice President. Maggi lives in the greater Salt Lake City area with her husband of 44 years. Maggi brings to the board her dedication to the education and development of children. She has been employed by the Utah Board of Education for more than twenty-four years in administrative positions and presently works with teachers and students in a middle school library. She interacts with junior high students daily encouraging them to develop good reading and research skills. She has accompanied Junior High and Senior High youth on over 13 mission trips helping to rebuild areas devastated by natural disasters and hit hard by the economic downturn. Along with her husband, she has raised three children and continues her passion of assisting the youth of today to make an impact not only in their own lives, but also in today's society.

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